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RFID Applications Developer

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2 Days

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Classroom (Hands-on labs)

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Public & On Site

If you are an application developer, you need to take advantage of RFID4U’s comprehensive and expanded training offerings that will provide the tools needed to design and deploy applications as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Class participants will be provided with hands-on experience with the latest RFID devices and cutting-edge RFID labs. Attendees will be given sample code examples that may be used “as is,” or that can be modified to jumpstart custom applications.

RFID Applications Development Training is for anyone who would like to learn how to design applications for RFID systems.

What Will You Learn

  • This instructor-led course teaches software application developers how to build the next generation of rich, interactive RFID applications for passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID readers and peripherals.
  • Participants will also learn program how to enhance performance and scalability, by selecting native API programming (including vendors’ SDKs) versus middleware.
  • In addition, participants will understand various structures, such as ROSpec, AISpecs AccessSpec and RFSurveySpec, available via EPCglobal’s Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP).
  • Hands-on exercises, provided throughout the course, are designed to offer students an opportunity to gain practical experience with the skills and concepts covered in the lectures.
  • The training includes topics such as how to optimally capture reads in different scenarios, including conveyor belts, door portals, forklifts and handheld devices.
  • The course, a combination of lecture and hands-on lab exercises, will provide various ways to programmatically control RFID fixed and handheld readers, printers and GPIO devices—either directly, or via Open Process Control (OPC) servers.
  • Participants will develop a working understanding of proven methodologies, based on best practices, industry-proven processes and the instructor’s practical experiences.
  • After a brief technical overview of RFID programming concepts related to the design and deployment of RFID solutions, you will learn how to identify key the architectural components necessary to deploy a scalable RFID solution.
  • You will also learn and use various tools and techniques to design and manage the entire RFID application-development process.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Technology Specialists who work in a development environment. This course is appropriate for expert programmers, as well as for beginners. If you have prior knowledge of C or some other Object Oriented Language, such as Python, Ruby on Rails, Java or C#, it will make learning that much easier. However, participants should already possess certain prerequisite skills, which can be gained from completing the foundational RFID courses available from RFID4U, or through work experience. Participants should have a working knowledge of: RFID fundamentals and EPC standards (tag-data standard and Gen 2 air-interface protocol), network-monitoring and management tools, reader interface protocols, network or serial communication programming, network topology and infrastructure, GPIO protocols, etc.


Public Class & Onsite at your Location

Please check our schedule page for updated training dates for a location near you as well as to register using major credit card.

Please check our schedule page for updated training dates for a location near you as well as to register using major credit card.
Please call 1-408-739-3500 to request a proposal for an onsite trainig & certification or email sales@rfid4u.com.

Onsite training offers substantial cost and time saving through a more flexible scheduling approach.

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