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NFC Training

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Duration :

2 Days

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Classroom (Hands-on labs)

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Public & On Site

Near Field Communication (NFC) utilizes HF RFID and is a set of standards for smartphones, tablets and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity.  Applications available today include contact-less transactions, data exchange, and simplified setup of more complex communications such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  Data can also be read from and written to passive, unpowered NFC tags.


To create a dynamic learning environment, this two-day course is a combination of lecture, hands-on lab exercises and demonstrations.

This course includes:

  • An overview of NFC technology, including its capabilities and limitations
  • Building applications and programming for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices
  • Applications and uses of NFC technology.

The course topics cover:

  • NFC technology
  • Tags & frequencies
  • Tag types
  • Read & write to tags
  • Create data from bookmarks, contacts, applications, etc.
  • Convert 1D & 2D barcode data to NFC
  • Protect data on tags
  • Launch applications automatically
  • Devices & functionality
  • Communications & Wi-Fi
  • Data & data transfer
  • Security
  • Building applications and programming
  • Smart operating systems (phones, tablets)
  • Android
  • Cash payment authorization
  • Windows
  • Windows environment
  • Applications and uses of NFC Technology
  • Device verification and authentication
  • Device location and tracking
  • Data collection & transmission
  • Communication interface to cloud
  • Cash payment authorization
  • Business process control
  • Business & product marketing
  • Others

Who Should Attend

Auto-ID/networking professionals interested in enhancing their career with certifications; career changers and new hires interested in performing installation, configuration, and maintenance of RFID hardware and device software, site surveys/site analysis or tag selection, placement, and testing.


Public Class & Onsite at your Location

Please check our schedule page for updated training dates for a location near you as well as to register using major credit card.

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On-site training offers substantial cost and time savings through a more flexible scheduling approach.

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