Mod 7 – RFID Evaluation and Selection – What is Tested

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RFID systems can be made up of many different components, standards and differing RFID technology; any combination of which can have different performance, cost and implementation implications. So the correct choice of technology/components is crucial if the RFID system selected is to meet the customer’s needs.

What you are expected to know

  • How to identify the specific needs that the RFID system is intended to meet
  • Relative costs of different types of components
  • Relative performance characteristics of different RFID systems/technologies
  • What type of RFID system is best suited to meet those needs and why
  • How to select an appropriate combination of system components to meet those needs
  • Which standards are optimal for tag data
  • The type of regulatory constraints that may apply

What you are not expected to know

  • How to program components
  • Specific component costs
  • Specific regulations for all global regions
  • Details of signal or data exchange protocols