Mod 6 – RFID Applications – What is Tested

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RFID can be used to support many different types of commercial, government and academic activities from commercial supply chains to tracking research laboratory samples. But which type of RFID is used in any application is dependent upon how well the characteristics of the type of RFID being used matches the needs of the application it is to support.

The selection of RFID types for specific industries or applications over time has led to a natural grouping of RFID types for those industries and/or applications. This does not mean that a type of RFID is never used for anything else, only that it is often used for such an application.

What you are expected to know

What applications each of the types of RFID are typically used for

  • LF (e.g. animal tracking)
  • HF (e.g. building security)
  • HF/NFC (e.g. payment systems)
  • UHF 860-960 MHz (e.g. supply chain)
  • UHF 433 MHz (e.g. ocean container tracking)
  • Microwave 2.44 GHz (e.g. patient tracking)
  • UWB 5 GHz (e.g. equipment locating)

Why a specific type of RFID is the most suitable for the application it is typically used for

What you are not expected to know

  • Details of any specific application implementation
  • Details of the design of any specific application
  • The return on investment expected from different applications