Mod 5 – RFID Ecosystem and Provider Roles – What is Tested

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Although a RFID system is made up of many components and services, it is rare to find all of them provided by a single organization so it is important to know who provides each of them within a deployment. The components & services typically provided are:

  • RFID hardware such as
    • Readers
    • Antennas
    • Antenna hubs and multiplexors
    • Cables
    • Tags
  • Middleware (to exchange tag data between the reader and the system that will process the data)
  • Consultancy (RFID hardware selection, process design, tag selection)
  • Integration Services (integrating RFID based solutions into existing systems and process environments)

What you are expected to know

  • What components and/or services are typically provided in a RFID deployment
  • Who typically provides them
  • Who is responsible for regulatory compliance of:
    • Equipment components
    • Installed RFID system
  • How the components fit together to form an overall system

What you are not expected to know

  • Specification of any components
  • Names of specific component or service providers
  • Name of specific software or middleware
  • Details of integration into any specific system such as ERP