Mod 2 – RFID Architecture Components – What is Tested

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RFID systems are composed of a set of key system components:

  • Reader (also known as an Interrogator)
  • One or more reader antennas
  • Cable to connect reader antennas to the reader (unless the antenna is integrated into the reader)
  • Tags that are placed on or in an object
  • A software application to transfer data from the reader to the system that will process the data, usually referred to as the “middleware”

What you are expected to know

  • How each of these components is connected to one or more of the other components
  • What role each component plays in the overall RFID system
  • What physical forms the components may take (for example handheld versus fixed readers)

What you are not expected to know

  • How Peer to Peer or Mesh RFID systems work
  • How data is transferred between components
  • Signal or data exchange protocols