Export Configuration


This article explains about the Export Configuration in Wedge.

Step 1

Side Menu → Application Configuration → Export Configuration.

This is mainly used to export the data.

Figure 17 : Export Configuration
Step 2

Export Type – It is a selectable field based on the export type that can be selected by Export as Text, CSV, Share Activity and HTTP Method.

Figure 18 : Text Settings
Step 3

Text Setting – It has two types. Both are used for Exporting the Data.

  •  File Prefix – It can be used as a prefix file name for the Exported Data file.
  •  Separator – It can be used as a separator between two values in an Exported Data file.
Figure 19 : Export Field Setting.
Step 4

Export Field Setting  – It is used as an option to filter the Keys for Exporting Data. Selected Values only exported and that can be viewed in the View File Page.

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