Solving Import Tool Errors when Using RFID Software


This Article explains how to solve Import Tool Errors in TagMatiks AT Lite application.

Step 1

Menu → ADMIN →Import Data → Module Name → Browse File

Figure 01: Import Data

A user can upload the data file with the help of the Import data method.

While importing the data upload error message may pop up with the message ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine. So click on the OK and exit out.

A dependency file may be missing from your machine.

Please download Microsoft Database engine file from the link provided below and install it.

Figure 02: Download Access Database Engine.

Once the download is complete, please extract it from the Downloads folder.

Follow steps for Installation of the Access Database.

Figure 03: Extract file

Click Extract from zip file.

Click Yes to continue Installation in Windows PC. Installation Process will start and click the checkbox, then click Next to install the exe.

Figure 04: Warning Message
Figure 05: Installation
Figure 06: Click Install

After successful of Installation, click OK to finish the installation of Access database engine 2007.

After Installation of Access Database Engine, launch the TagMatiks AT Lite Application and upload the bulk data by Import Data method.

Figure 07: Import Data in TagMatiks AT Lite

The user can select the manufacturer by clicking the search button. The popup will be shown and can be selected based on previously stored in the database. You can create a new manufacturer by using Add manufacturer Fig 07.

Figure 08: Manufacturer Selection
Asset Properties

Has Serial– If the item has any serial numbers , admin needs to choose the option “Yes”

Has Consumables – If any item is consumed in it’s usage.

Can Expire – Item which has expiry date, admin need to choose the option ‘Yes’

Figure 09: Add UOM

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