Downloading Reports in TagMatiks AT Lite


This article explains how to download reports in TagMatiks AT Lite.

In TagMatiks AT Lite, we have different types of formats to download reports.

Once you select the filters and click Generate Reports. The data will be loaded on the on the screen. We can download the data by clicking Export Data.

Reports can be downloaded in two methods,

1. Default format selection from initial configuration in Admin user

2. User can select the format while exporting the reports.

In Initial configuration, we can have an option to select default format from the list.

User can export the generated report in any of the following file formats.

Only the columns selected will be downloaded in the order they populated.

  • Microsoft Excel Document
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Document
  • PDF Document
  • RTF Document
  • Text Document (Comma Separated)
Figure 01: Configuration of Export Data
Downloading Reports by users selected formats:

After generating a report, it can be download by clicking the ‘Export Data’. A popup screen will be able to select the formats and it can be chosen by the user.

Figure 02: Reports Generation

If we select the default download in Initial configuration, then the report will directly download as per selection of the format.

On the module, we can search for a particular asset for downloading or viewing.

By clicking the Eye Button, you can view the Asset properties.

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