Bulk import data for RFID asset tracking software


This Article explains how to Bulk import Data using the Import tool of TagMatiks AT Lite.

Step 1

Menu → ADMIN →Import Data

Figure 01: Import Data
Mapped Field

To Map the field click to navigate the popup screen to map the field please refer the below Fig 02. Data which is mapped will be displayed in this row.

Default Value

In case of any values to be inserted for the whole row. It can be done in the Mapping screen.

Import Data

To upload bulk data from excel sheet.

As per module need to select the excel sheet ‘Browse File’ and then click the button to map the fields.

A popup screen will navigate to Import data Mapping screen and it can be mapped to the respective field.

Remove Mapping

To remove the column which is incorrectly mapped.

Figure 02: Template Mapping

Click ‘Stage for Import’ to validate records with detailed summary Fig 03. Click ‘Import’ validated screen will be popup then click ‘Done’ for successful data.

Figure 03: Summary for Records
Figure 04: Stage for Import

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