Connecting RFID Reader to Your RFID Software


This Article explains how to connect an RFID reader/RFID SLED readers in TagMatiks AT Lite.


Enable Bluetooth connection in PC & Handheld/Sled RFID reader.

RFID reader/RFID Sled readers are to be connected through Bluetooth Device settings and to be paired with PC and Applications. Please refer the article TMATL_1002 for pairing the device. After successful of Bluetooth reader please follow below steps for connecting RFID reader in TagMatiks AT Lite.

Selection of Reader

Settings → Reader

Figure 01: Selection of readers from Device

Select Appropriate reader from the Device List. Click ‘Connect’. The RFID reader will connect with the selected device then will show a Successful message.

Figure 02: Reader connection success

After Successful of the reader connection. The reader can be used for transactions like Check-in, Check Out, Transfer, or Inventory.

Figure 03: Reader connection success
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