Configure Custom Assets for RFID Asset Tracking


This Article explains how to add custom attributes to the TagMatiks AT Lite application. Custom Attributes can be used to add use case specific fields when creating an asset.

Step 1

Menu: Admin → Asset Custom Attributes

Figure 01: Asset Custom Attributes Screen
Asset Custom Attributes

Under the Asset Custom Attributes menu, you have the ability to add up to 5 custom attributes. They can be activated by clicking the Edit button and delete button.

When the edit button is clicked, the software will navigate to Fig 02.

Figure 02: Creating New Field name with options
  • Display Name – It is a unique field and length should not exceed 30 characters.
  • Is Mandatory – Select the Checkbox if you’d like to ensure this field is entered when creating an asset.
  • Is Unique – Select the Checkbox if you’d like to ensure that data entered for this field must be unique for each asset.
  • Display in Grid – Select Checkbox if you’d like to display this field in modules like edit asset, transactions, dashboard, reports , etc.
  • Is Active – Select Checkbox if you’d like this custom field to be available for use.

After configuring the Custom Attributes, the fields will be added to Create Asset screen. The user can choose the fields which are mandatory for creating an asset.

Figure 03: Create Asset → New custom Fields

If you want to delete the particular field, click delete icon to delete and below screen showshow to delete.

For eg, By Deleting SKU, SKU will be removed from the Create Asset screen.

Search Tab is used to search particular fields for editing or delete.

Figure 04: Delete the Field

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