Using Pre-printed and Pre-encoded RFID Tags


This Article explains about the usage of TagMatiks pre-printed, pre-encoded tags with TagMatiks AT Lite.

In TagMatiks AT Lite, RFID tags are associated to assets for identifying the items automatically through RFID Reader.

Step 1

Manage Asset → Create Asset → Part Number → Tag ID → Manual Entry/Assign Tag

Figure 01: Create Asset
Figure 02: Sample Pre-print and Pre-encode RFID Tag
Figure 03: Add a Tag with Create Asset
Figure 04: Assign/Create Tag

In some cases, the asset can be tagged after created, After the creation of asset. Click on edit asset and click Tag ID to replace the pre-encoded tag. You can use a barcode scanner to get the data from the preprinted tag. Then click assign the tag to an asset.

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