Doing Transactions in TagMatiks AT Lite


This article covers the Checkout, Checkin, & Transfer transactions in TagMatiks AT Lite.

Overview of Checkout transaction in TagMatiks AT Lite:

Menu: Transaction → Checkout

Figure 01: Checkout Screen
Figure 02: Employee List

Once you open the Checkout operation, the employee the asset(s) are being checkout to need to be selected from the ‘Select Employee’ Button.

Scan option will be enabled. Based on preference, users can select their choice. RFID is default.

If you select option RFID User must press the trigger button in the RFID reader. so that available stocks will be displayed in the list and scanned asset quantity will be shown.

Barcode Scan option to scan the barcode with the help of web camera/barcode scanner.

Manual Entry in case of the user needs to do a manual entry this option is useful. By entering in the part number, tag id or serial number, an asset can be selected.

Figure 03: Manual Entry Screen

A due date can also be selected when the asset should be returned by.

No Due: There is No due date.
Default (10) Days: Default days can be fixed in configurations
On Due Date: In a calendar, we can select the date.
Check Out Notes: User can enter the notes for this particular transaction.

Download Receipt – It is an optional checkbox given for user choice to download receipt.

Column Chooser – Visibility of the column which can be view in the list. with help of checkbox can be chosen.

After selecting the desired assets, click the Checkout button to complete the transaction. Press Yes to confirm.

Figure 05: Selection of Asset
Figure 06: Successful Message

After successful checkout, the confirmation below will be displayed.

Overview of check-in transactions in TagMatiks AT Lite:

Menu: Transaction → Checkin

Figure 07: Checkin Screen

Checkout operation is done against an employee and it can be returned to the inventory location with the help of the check-in operation. Once you return the asset by an employee. The reader will scan the Asset which is checkout. Then it will be restored to Inventory successfully.

Overview of Transfer transactions in TagMatiks AT Lite:

Menu: Transaction → Transfer

In the Transfer screen, users can scan an asset then it will be listed out, click ‘Select Transfer Location’ to transfer an asset from inventory location.

Figure 08: Transfer Screen

After selecting an asset and by clicking on transfer the user will be taken to a confirmation page where all the total selected Assets will be displayed. Click Yes to confirm the transaction.

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